Turning a new page, planting a new seed

a new year … 2014
a new enterprise …  http://www.etsy.com/shop/OakTreesStudio
and a new blog to go with it … hello world

This blog is definitely a work in progress. I’m thinking that’s really the nature of all blogs.  A blog starts like a tiny seed and as we nurture it, it grows. As it grows it develops all kinds of branching off-shoots, reflecting the blogger’s interests and inspirations.

But I think also a blog needs to have strong roots to steady it and hold it firm. I think those roots are borne out of the blogger’s initial purpose for the blog. From the initial inspiration – the ‘why I am doing this blog’ – the blog needs to develop its own persona, its own style and voice. The individual persona or brand of the blog helps us to root our blog posts, articles and whatever else we decide to add to our blog,  helping us make sure that what we write is relevant and connected to this particular blog.

You’re probably already a blogger, so you know all this. I’m telling myself really – getting my blog-head into focus, as it were.

…  so here’s to a productive 2014!

3 thoughts on “Turning a new page, planting a new seed

  1. Wonderful first post Peggy 🙂 It reminds me of my first ever blog post that is on my arts blog 🙂 I had written my post for the same reason as that of yours! Same pinch!!!

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

    1. It seemed slightly strange looking back at the very beginning of my blog, but interesting too seeing that I have (mostly!) kept to my original idea! Thank you for being a regular visitor Sindhu – I appreciate your support 🙂

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