My Blooming Back Yard

I try to grow as much as possible in my very tiny back yard – from herbs to flowers to numerous small trees. My yard faces west and only benefits from a little afternoon sun in Springtime so this tends to mean my early flowers take their time to bloom. But our recent mild and sunny days have persuaded some of them to start the Spring Show.

Blooming Purple Crocuses
Blooming Purple Crocuses

Our purple crocuses have now opened their glorious eyes to reveal their white depths and vivid orange stamens. The seedlings underneath the crocuses are the beginnings of a favourite wild salad leaf of ours, Garlic Mustard Alliaria petiolata. They’ll grow on after the Spring bulbs are finished.

Our mini daffodils are doing rather well too. I originally rescued a pot containing three rather sad-looking specimens from a plant stall two years ago. Now we have a pot with four healthy flowers and the promise of more, judging by the additional greenery striving to put in an appearance around this year’s flowers. I can see they will definitely need lifting and repotting after this flowering season.

Mini daffodils in bloom
Mini daffodils in bloom

The Washfield Double hellebores I have on my doorstep do appreciate the indirect light and have been quite successful in their large pots for several years now. I love the under-stated pink of this hellebore. My other plant has subtle yellow-green flowers with maroon markings. I usually feed these plants with home-made garden compost in early Spring when I finish trimming back the old leaves. So that’s another job to get done soon.

Pink Washfield Double Hellebore - flower
Pink Washfield Double Hellebore – flower

I planted some new willow cuttings a few weeks ago and they seem to be doing very well. I’ve a few more cuttings to find homes for too – more willows (but with a reddish tinge to the stem) and a few sprigs of Common Mallow Malva sylvestris I rescued from a plant that had been strimmed down on some council-owned land nearby.

Rather like my love of upcycling with other materials, I’m a bit of a regenerator of plants as well! I discovered the wonder of cuttings a number of years ago and have found this a great way of generating more plants. Some plants such as willow, mint and lavender I have generated entirely from cuttings.

I also like to seek out those sad-looking plants on plant stalls that look like the-dog-that-nobody-wants. Then I find with a little bit of tlc these plants can be brought back to their blooming best. My mini daffodils are one such success and now I also have some tulips that I ‘rescued’ on my last town trip …

J Peggy Taylor

10 thoughts on “My Blooming Back Yard

  1. How gorgeous the flowers are! Great job Peggy!

    I love gardening and farming too πŸ™‚ I have a few plants in the pots at out balcony too πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Sindhu! I have even more flowers now – my rescued tulips have turned out to be beautiful shades of pastel pink and lemon yellow. I think Spring has been very generous in my back yard this year πŸ™‚

  2. Can I hire you as a plant rescuer? πŸ˜‰ I love flowers and plants, but don’t think I really have green fingers (yet?). My mother buys plants for me and she picks out ‘idiot proof’ ones (but that still look great) and tells me how to take care of them. I couldn’t imagine my house without some greens and colours, but if I don’t have a plant routine, I won’t have much left, haha!

    I love Spring and how everything is starting to bloom. Add to that birds singing and we have a winner! πŸ™‚

    1. HA! I am sure you will gradually develop those green fingers especially as you seem to love your plants. I too could certainly not imagine having no plants in my house! I have numerous house plants as well as growing salad leaves on my sunniest window ledge. I agree it is a good plan to have a plant routine to be sure they all thrive. Spring is always so welcome after cold and dark winter days. I love to see the new life bursting out of the earth – so much energy and enthusiasm, I find it is infectious πŸ™‚

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