Panera – Innovation for People Who Have No Money

I loved this post! What an amazing … and very heartening idea!


Panera – Innovation for People Who Have No Money

By Shlomo   Maital 


Writing in the Boston Globe, Alyssa Edes tells us about Panera, a French bakery/café that has a new business innovation – give your stuff away, for free, or nearly free. 

   For example, “when Jonathan Diotalevi walked in to “Panera Cares”, a new Panera branch near Boston’s Government Center, “a smiling employee greeted Diotalevi at the door;  he waited in line, ordered a tomato- mozzarella panini, and then asked the clerk, “So, can I, like, just give you two bucks?”   Yes, he could. And he did, dropping the money into a nearby donation bin.”

   What?  No prices? No 30 per cent profit margin?  How in the world can you run a business like this?   Fox Network will scream that this is a Commie plot to undermine capitalism. 

  Here is how this branch works. …

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4 thoughts on “Panera – Innovation for People Who Have No Money

    1. Yes, it really is good to see a business making a positive move like this. I agree trust and generosity are in much too short supply in our modern world … we need more!

  1. Very interesting! I eat there quite often and I didn’t know they are doing this. I will definitely check with our local stores. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 I thought it was such a great idea … and not at all the usual approach of fast food outlets! I think it’s only being trialled in a few of Panera’s cafes at present but it’s still great to see positive innovation like this – hopefully a few others will catch on to the idea too 🙂

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