Net Neutrality

Now is the time to fight to preserve the free and open internet we have all come to know and rely upon. The mega-internet-service-providers in the US are lobbying the Federal Communications Commission so they can charge internet companies for access to the ISPs’ customers. In his WordPress News blog post this morning, Paul Sieminski explains,

This means there could be “fast lanes” for companies who are able to pay providers for preferred internet access, while everyone else gets stuck in the “slow lane”…which means applications won’t perform as quickly, webpages will load slowly, and of course, buffering. A slow “still loading” spinner will be an unfortunate, but common sight on the new, closed internet that the big providers want.

WordPress have devised a plugin for our blogs that demonstrates how the loss of Net Neutrality would affect us as we try and use the sites we love. I have just enabled this plugin so occasionally you might experience just how it will feel if Net Neutrality is lost … the dreaded “Still Loading” spinner – going round and round and round …

If you have not done so already, please support this important cause. These giant internet service providers should not be able to hold the internet – and us – to ransom!
Join the Fight for Net Neutrality.

J Peggy Taylor

Your thoughts and views?

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