Natural white herringbone crochet texture

A “Rare Breed” wool hat for Wool Week!

NEW TODAY! … in our Oak Trees Studio shop

Classic winter white herringbone crochet beanie hat

Hand-crafted in luxurious undyed hand-spun 100% wool yarn

With its warm natural white yarn from a UK Rare Breeds sheep in a textured herringbone design, here is a rare breed of hat!

Winter white herringbone crochet hat in natural undyed hand-spun wool
NEW! Winter white herringbone crochet wool beanie hat


The yarn I have chosen for this herringbone crochet beanie hat is a natural undyed wool yarn. It is hand-processed and hand-spun from the fleeces of a small flock of White Faced Woodland sheep in North Yorkshire. Whitefaced Woodlands originated in the Pennine hills between Yorkshire and Derbyshire, then later in the 18th century Merino was added to further improve the breed. The finer wool quality than is found in many hill sheep is attributed to the addition of the Merino to the breed. The Whitefaced Woodland sheep is currently listed as “Vulnerable” on the UK Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s Watch List. The fine white fibre of these hardy hill sheep produces a yarn with a warm natural tone.

“The Rare Breeds Survival Trust is the leading national charity working to conserve and protect the United Kingdomโ€™s rare native breeds of farm animals from extinction.”

The Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society also supports and promotes this special sheep breed – their website tagline is “A Breed from the past …. a breed for the future”.

IT’S WOOL WEEK 2014! … and here’s to a woolly future!

So, as this week is Wool Week 2014, here I am enthusing about the wonders of wool! It really is such a versatile natural fibre. If you too love wool, you might like to take a look at my previous post, where I was telling you more about what’s happening for Wool Week this year, from the Wool Collection:Interiors exhibition in Southwark Cathedral in London to the online Wool Week 2014 Fashion Collection, showcasing wool in Autumn/Winter fashion collections.

My regular followers will know my blog posts often feature my love of the countryside and I have a keen interest in conserving and championing the conservation of our beautiful British countryside. Historically, wool production has played a significant part both in traditional farming in Britain and in Britain’s economy. I believe we should not only be looking to preserve, but also to again encourage, our British wool tradition.

J Peggy Taylor


2 thoughts on “A “Rare Breed” wool hat for Wool Week!

  1. Very beautiful hat… Interesting to know about the rare breed wool and about the great initiative by the organisation.

    Best wishes Peggy… TC! Keep smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

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