Wordless Wednesday: Christmas is coming

Advent wreath

J Peggy Taylor


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Christmas is coming

  1. Beautiful picture Peggy… The snowfall effect on your blog has given the feeling of X mas 🙂 I can understand your excitement for the most loved festive season 🙂 BTW, why only one candle is lit?

    1. Thank you Sindhu 🙂 Yes, WordPress seem to have kindly provided snow for us for our Winter festivities 😀 … I love the way it works on my new blog header 🙂
      Ah yes – one candle represents each of the four Sundays in the Christian season of Advent – that’s the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve (24th December). “Advent” is from Latin and means ‘the coming’. On each Sunday in Advent we gradually light more of the candles until all 4 are lit and then on Christmas Day (25th December) we light the taller candle in the middle of the ring. I see part of the meaning behind the Advent wreath or ring as symbolically moving from darkness towards light – as more of the candles are lit, you can imagine they give off more light and so the darkness is gradually replaced with light and brightness 🙂

    1. Thanks, Harula 🙂 Indeed I did make it myself 🙂 … it is another of our family Christmas traditions 😉 From the beginning of Advent, we have our Sunday dinner by candlelight … so it gradually gets brighter with more lit candles as the weeks go by. We love candles – they have a kind of magic with their small-but-significant flames. I will certainly be dropping by soon to catch up on your poems 🙂

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