Congratulations to the Major Oak

Do you remember voting for your “Tree of the Year” for England? The winner of this competition is the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.

At present there is no national register of significant trees like the Major Oak. Creating this UK register will show how much we all value these living monuments and will help protect our ancient trees for future generations. Please support the Woodland Trust’s call for a national tree register – you can find the link in their post.

Thank you.

J Peggy Taylor

Woodland Matters

The Major Oak is the 2014 ‘Tree of the Year’ in England.

I was pleased to join our Head of Campaigning, Nikki Williams, on a visit to the Major Oak in its famous forest home. We presented staff from Sherwood Forest County Park with a certificate from the Trust, confirming the tree’s accolade.

Winner!  Woodland Trust Head of Campaigning, Nikki Williams, presents the award certificate to members of the Sherwood Forest Trust, who accept the 'Tree of the Year' accolade on behalf of the Major Oak. L-R:  Nikki Williams, WINNER!!!
Woodland Trust head of campaigning, Nikki Williams, with staff from Sherwood Forest Country Park who accepted the ‘Tree of the Year’ accolade on behalf of the Major Oak.
L-R: Charleen Case, Jed Clampett, Adrian Grieve, Nikki Williams, Izi Banton

The Competition

Over the summer we asked for nominations for an individual tree with a story. It was hard to compile a shortlist of ten but once we had our list we asked the public to choose their favourite.

The response was fantastic! Nearly 13,000 people cast votes in just eight days and the competition received great coverage all over the…

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3 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Major Oak

  1. Interesting – and congratulations to the Great Oak:-) I think a register would be a great idea. I still want to visit the Fortingall Yew, potentially the oldest tree in the UK at between 1500 – 3000 years old. Its about 2 hours drive from me. H xxx

    1. I am pleased the Major Oak won – though all of the contenders were certainly deserving 🙂 I do hope the UK national tree register happens as it is so very much needed to protect our irreplaceable ancient tree treasures. The Fortingall Yew is amazing! I was just reading about it again recently on the Woodland Matters website – though it is a Scots Pine tree on the Loch of the Lowes reserve in Perthshire that won Tree of the Year for Scotland this year. All trees are wonderful but our ancient trees are so precious. (I am something of a tree nut! 😉 )

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