Our Christmas wreath

Our Christmas wreath 2014
Our Christmas wreath 2014

Most of our Christmas decorations have shared many festive seasons with us. Several of them have their own tales that are retold each year as we retrieve them from their packing boxes for their next seasonal display. Some are items that have been hand crafted by our children over the years.

One such item is the willow base on which each year I craft our Christmas wreath of evergreens with holly, ivy, pine and two ‘ears’ of yew. Collecting the greenery is something of a family ritual, but also a welcome excuse for a woodland wander. I love the woods at all times of year and mid-Winter has its own magic.

When complete, we hang our Christmas wreath outdoors on a wall-hook. We used to hang it on the door but modern uPVC doors don’t seem to lend themselves well to ancient earthy rituals like wreath hanging!

J Peggy Taylor

10 thoughts on “Our Christmas wreath

    1. Thank you. Your wife’s wreath is lovely too! My wreath is based on a similar willow base but I then add my greenery in a different way. Thank you for visiting πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Oh dear! If you have the wreath outside it sometimes gets a bit blown and battered by the weather – I know sometimes I have to make running repairs to ours, though luckily not so far this year! Sometimes we find a robin or blackbird pops down and picks off the berries from the odd sprigs of berried holly I add!

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