Allotments: We Need Them Now More Than Ever

This is a ‘green issue’ that I really care about. Allotment gardens are meant for growing food, not for councils or developers to profit from. Here we have an incredible example of this in Bristol, where prime growing soil is set to be destroyed for a supposedly ‘green’ transport system! Bristol is also currently the “European Green Capital” and should be setting a good example, not going for green gimmickry whilst destroying a positive environmental project. Government needs to be protecting allotments rather than deregulating in favour of so-called ‘development’. Please sign the petition to “Help Protect the UK’s Allotment sites”. Thank you.
J Peggy Taylor


It’s a big week for allotment gardeners here in the UK. As Sara-Jane Trebar, who spearheaded the fight to Save Farm Terrace allotments (and won), launches a national campaign to help protect the UK’s allotment sites in response to the startling number of allotment closures over the past few years, campaigners in Bristol have taken to the trees in protest over the proposed MetroBus development that will destroy some of the most valuable food-growing land in the country.

SFT Farm Terrace Protesters. (Photo courtesy of Sara-Jane Trebar.)

Allotments, as we know them, have been part of our cultural heritage since the Victorian age when local authorities were obligated to allocate land to the common people, enabling them to grow their own food. They have remained popular since that time, with numbers peaking at times of national recession, such as during the Dig for Victory campaign and post-war years of the 1940s…

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6 thoughts on “Allotments: We Need Them Now More Than Ever

    1. Thanks, Sindhu! It would be good if you could try to support the petition, though I know sometimes it is only possible to add your name if you live in the right country – I know I have found that with other issues I have tried to support.

    1. I agree – I think we need more land given over to allotments not less. I was grumbling last summer that our council was wasting money cutting grass week after week when a good bit of the land could be put to better use! Allotments certainly need our support!

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