North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Save our UK National Parks!

First they tried to sell off our public forests, now the UK government are after encouraging the privatisation of our UK National Parks! Have you heard about this?

I don’t often post about my campaigning activities, but this one seemed too important to not share with you. Please help to save our UK National Parks! (I am actually so shocked, I can hardly believe I am writing that!)

The UK’s National Parks are renowned for their beautiful landscapes. The parks contain a lot of the very best scenery you can find in the UK. They are havens for some of our iconic wildlife and provide important habitat for many species.

Today, one of my regular campaigning groups, 38Degrees, have written to me to say:

“Our beautiful countryside is under threat. Government cuts are forcing huge land sell-offs in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.”

“National parks are looked after by National Park Authorities (NPAs) who are funded by central government. They’re supposed to act as custodians of these precious places – for people, wildlife and future generations. But after rounds of cuts NPAs are slashing jobs, and looking for other ways to balance the books.”

“In the Lake District seven iconic beauty spots are already up for sale. Stickle Tarn, described as “iconic, simply majestic” – £20,000. Baneriggs Wood, an “exceptional mature deciduous woodland” complete with red squirrels and rare birds – £110,000. In the Yorkshire Dales eight properties are now earmarked for “disposal”.”

“A huge public backlash could stop further cuts and force the government to protect our national parks. Can you sign the petition calling on David Cameron to save our national parks?”

I am appalled that the UK Government are now forcing the sale of some of our National Park land. The National Parks Authorities need to be properly funded to protect our National Parks both for us and the wildlife that is dependent on them, now and in the future. Our natural national treasures should not be put up for sale!

If you too feel as strongly as I do about the selling off of some of our natural national treasures, please support the 38Degrees petition.

Hadrian's Wall country, Northumberland National Park
The beautiful North Tyne in Hadrian’s Wall country, part of Northumberland National Park

In 2012, hundreds of thousands of us campaigned together to save the UK’s public forests and won. Now we need the same level of support to protect our National Parks for future generations.

Many thanks for your support.

J Peggy Taylor

14 thoughts on “Save our UK National Parks!

  1. Just signed petition and am about to reblog your post in the hope of getting more signatures. It’s disgraceful – I vaguely remember Mr Cameron appearing on Countryfile saying his government would be the greenest ever. I am now turning the shade of green I get when I feel sick!

    1. Thanks! Sadly “the greenest government ever” clearly didn’t actually mean they would care for our environment and natural world! We have to keep reminding all of our politicians that the natural world is important to us and our forests and national parks are not theirs to sell.

  2. Glad you shared this, Peggy. Just now I signed the petition. We share the same earth, if it is not the same country! Please keep informing us about such campaigns so that we can support good causes. I am active in but was unaware of 38 degrees.

    1. Thank you, Sindhu! I am glad you could help by signing! We do share the same earth, Sindhu, and through the marvelous invention of the internet I am glad we can help each other support causes that matter, no matter where in the world they are. I too support many causes on and also on as well as several other campaign sites! 38Degrees is mainly a UK campaigning group and has been very successful at holding our government to account on several important issues. recently had a major victory where we persuaded the massive Italian clothing company, Benetton, to pay its share towards the compensation fund for those affected by the Rana Plaza garment factory disaster in Bangladesh.

  3. I’m with you all the way on this, Peggy. It is so sad to see this happening, because of the all cuts this government have made. Even here in Brighton & Hove, our Green Party council have just sold a piece of parkland so that a language school can be built on it. We already have language schools in the area and I’m very glad that we have council elections coming up in May so we can hopefully put a stop to this.

    1. It’s dreadful, isn’t it! I certainly haven’t been impressed with “the greenest government ever” that we have suffered under this past few years!! That doesn’t sound like a very ‘green’ decision in Brighton, Hugh! There are various ways to prevent council-owned ‘amenity’ land from being sold off – so this land being sold off sounds rather questionable to me …. though I should add I am a bit of a dragon on environmental issues 😉

      1. Well, they recently boosted that they were the only council in the UK that was not going to cut back the spend on services, and then they go and try and impose a 6% council tax increase on us! Fortunately, it has been stopped in its tracks for now, and although they are a ‘green’ council they have one of the worst recycling records (thats even if they ever bother to come and collect our recycling and rubbish at all!)

        Rant over 🙂 Happy Saturday to you, Peggy.

      2. Oh, Hugh, we all have need of a rant from time to time! It sounds like your council needs a good clear-out! 6%! Don’t they know there’s a cost of living crisis! 😛

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