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European Tree of the Year … and the winner is …

Did you vote for your European Tree of the Year 2015? Now the votes are all in and counted and we have a winner … Estonia’s “Football Tree”! Congratulations, Estonia!

Estonia’s oak tree on a football field received nearly 60,000 votes so is clearly very well loved by its community. This oak tree stands right in the middle of a football field and the players play around it! Who says trees can’t be the centre of attention? 🙂

The Major Oak was England’s first entry in this competition and came in sixth in the vote.

You can find out all of this year’s results on the European Tree of the Year website. All of the trees that were finalists in the competition also become part of the ‘European Trail of Trees’. This means people can find out more about each of Europe’s chosen trees.

Whilst winning is always fun, in this competition it was the taking part that was the most important. The number of votes Estonia’s tree received (about a third of the total votes cast) shows the high regard this special tree has in their country. Here in England we don’t do so well at caring for our special trees and we need to try harder. Hopefully, the interest and support enjoyed by all of the entrants in the Tree of the Year competition will help to make more of us love our trees, especially our very special ancient trees.

J Peggy Taylor

6 thoughts on “European Tree of the Year … and the winner is …

  1. Wow! Congrats for the winning tree! I love the way you described the football tree… Playing around the tree is something that fascinated me… Plants and animals make life on this earth bearable. So, this is the best way to show gratitude for plants by letting it live in the playground.

    1. This tree certainly made me smile and it is certainly a worthy winner of European Tree of the Year! I agree, Sindhu, the animals and plants in our natural world are so important – what better way of recognising this than by appreciating their importance in our lives and sharing the Earth with them.

      1. Very true, Peggy… I agree with you 🙂 Hope more and more measures are taken to seed love for plants and animals in every human being’s heart…

    1. Never mind – there’s always next year 🙂 I think Estonia must have really publicised the vote well – it was wonderful that so many people voted for the winning tree!

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