Inspiration by Dallas Clayton

After a trying day of broken washing machines and other irksome irritations, THIS book was just what I needed! Do take a look at it – I really enjoyed the animated version from the link in Chris’s post. Dream those dreams!

J Peggy Taylor

4 thoughts on “Inspiration by Dallas Clayton

  1. Sorry about your day Peggy. I loved the book. You may have realised that I made Becky’s Book of Seasons, which you liked, during a dark period of my life reminding myself that things can get better

    1. Thank you for your very kind comment, Derrick – I appreciate it. I loved the way Dallas Clayton so beautifully reminds us to dream. I do remember Becky’s Book of Seasons – it was lovely. I could certainly see a lot of love and thought in it. The natural cycle of the seasons themselves can be quite therapeutic too, I find, when life is challenging.

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