“G7 leaders just committed to getting the global economy off fossil fuels — forever!”

Avaaz – From G7 to Paris: Goodbye Fossil Fuels!

I don’t generally share the news of the day via my blog, but this planet-friendly news is definitely worth sharing 😀 😀

… I know there’s still a long way to go, but this is certainly one giant step forward. Next stop … Paris!

J Peggy Taylor

6 thoughts on “G7 leaders commit to end use of fossil fuels!

      1. I can remember you mentioned your bonfire fuel when you’d been attending to your storm-damaged trees. When we’ve done tree-felling/coppicing as a conservation task we tend to leave that part of the woodland with a new set of ‘habitat piles’ of brushwood that will slowly decompose whilst providing ‘living quarters’ for wildlife … but even in a large garden, it would only be viable to allocate a portion of space for one pile. In our area, the local council has a scheme for collecting garden waste that is then composted centrally and re-used by the Parks and Recreation teams.

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