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Here’s a Clever Camera Gadget for your Mobile Phone!

Do you like taking photos with your mobile phone? My eldest son is a photographer, graphic artist and all-round general geek. This week he shared this rather clever camera gadget idea:

“Vyu360™ A revolutionary mobile accessory & companion app that enables your smartphone to easily capture and share 360°media”

I say ‘idea’ because currently the Vyu360™ is on Kickstarter and its inventor, Alexis Fernandez, is seeking backers for his project.

Alexis Fernandez calls his Vyu360™ “immersive 360 media for everyone”.

Vyu 360 - Alexis Fernandez

My son says this camera gadget is useful not only for taking VR-viewable photos and videos, but also for generating environment maps for 3D graphics work where you need to create a 360 degree spherical projection. He thinks it may have some limitations but would still be good for basic rough maps for visualisation or getting an idea of an environment before you shoot a real HDRi with a mirror ball.

I think it looks like you could have a lot of fun shooting street photography with it too.

So for all you mobile phoneographers, camera gadget geeks or 3D video game developers – here’s a Kickstarter you might like to take a look at, the Vyu360™ by Alexis Fernandez

… but you’ve only got a few days left to join the fun!

J Peggy Taylor