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The campfire is alight

Campfire Cooking for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Campfire cooking – one of our favourite Summer fun family activities ideally fitted the Fire/Summer theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week 🙂

There’s really nothing quite like cooking on an open fire outdoors – and it doesn’t matter what you cook, it always tastes amazing! What we cook is determined by how long we intend to stop. A lunch-stop campfire during a day hike is usually a simple affair, such as the toasted sandwich and baked banana you’ll see in the images below. We do cook more elaborate meals too and then on other occasions it will just be toasting marshmallows for fun.

Over the years, our boys have grown increasingly adept at the various stages of fire-lighting and cooking, including safely managing the fire whilst it is burning and ensuring the fire is completely out and cold before we leave. Nearby to one of our favourite campfire spots there are some blackened trees that served as a prompt for an educational discussion on the dangers of fire, especially in remote places.

I will never forget the Christmas our two younger sons got their firesteels! Light my Fire fire steels are easy to use. Believe me, a couple of hours on a Christmas morning is all it takes to get the knack!! Then that snowy Christmas afternoon was spent out in the woods trying hard to put the new skill into practice. There’s been a lot more practice since then, though more often in Summer than Winter.

Out on Summer hikes or on lazy days at our favourite spots in the woods, cooking on a campfire is always fun. This little photo story tells the tale of a lunchtime stop when we were out on a woodland ramble last Summer.

Lighting the campfire with the firesteel
Lighting the campfire with the firesteel – the shower of sparks produced by the back of a knife against the steel soon sets the birch bark tinder alight
The fire is alight
And it’s away! Flames!
Watching the campfire burning
Watching the campfire burning – although this is only a small fire, you can see the heat haze somewhat blurring this image
cooking toasties on sticks over the campfire
Jostling for the best position over the embers – cooking toasties on peeled green hazel sticks over the campfire
A well-cooked campfire toastie!
A well-cooked campfire toastie!
A Campfire Special - Baked Bananas stuffed with chocolate and raisins
A Campfire Special – Baked Bananas stuffed with chocolate and raisins

Baked Bananas with chocolate and raisins have become something of a tradition for our family campfire cook-outs. They are very simple to prepare right there by your campfire so it’s a fun dessert for children to make.
… and of course, they are very tasty 🙂

How to make Baked Bananas on a campfire

Ingredients: (per person)
1 Banana
3 squares of chocolate
1 teaspoon of raisins

To Make:
Sit the banana curving upwards like a boat, or a smile 🙂
Start by slicing lengthways into the inner curve of the banana, being careful to leave the skin of the outer curve of the fruit intact. You need to end up with a banana boat joined at the base, rather than two halves.
Now, stuff the 3 squares of chocolate into the slit you have made and finally stuff in the raisins between the chocolate squares. That’s it! Done!

Now your banana is ready to go in the embers of the fire, just as you can see in my photo above. You don’t want any flames on your fire for cooking the bananas – just some nice warm embers. If it’s a little windy, to keep the wood ash out of the bananas, we wrap them in Dock leaves and pin them with a peeled green stick. But mainly we just sit the bananas in the embers to cook.

How long does it take to cook? HA! I can’t tell you exactly, because it will depend on how much heat you have there. But you’ll know your Baked Banana is ready to eat when you can see the chocolate is softened. Ours usually take around 10-15 minutes, depending on how much the embers have cooled.

Do take care retrieving the bananas from the fire embers as they will be very hot. I usually use a glove or some sticks as tongs. You’ll need a plate or improvised container to place the banana on to eat it. Then all you need is a spoon. Enjoy! 🙂

J Peggy Taylor