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First flowering dahlia

Dahlia delight!

I love dahlias. They’re definitely one of my favourite Summer garden flowers. I’m often admiring Cee’s photos of beautiful dahlia blooms over at Cee’s Photography. In my small back yard, I don’t have enough space to grow the tall varieties of dahlia, but this year I decided to sow a few pots of dwarf dahlias. I tried this a few years ago, but that Summer was a bit of a washout and the dahlia flowers only grew to the size of large coin.

This year, as part of making more use of the vertical space in my yard, I have my dahlia pots carefully balanced on the new plant shelf, so the plants can catch more of any Summer sunshine that comes their way. I’ve been watching with hopeful anticipation as my dahlia plants have grown on and developed their first flower buds, despite our largely cool and windy weather so far this Summer. Then, on Thursday this week I was delighted to see the first dahlia bud had burst open to reveal its sunny radiance.

J Peggy Taylor