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Hexagon Hat - upcycling project header

An upcycled sun hat for Recycling Week 2015

The week from 22nd-28th June has been Recycling Week here in the UK.

Hexagon hat - upcycling worn-out cargo trousers
Upcycling worn-out cargo trousers into a sun hat

I’m a great fan of recycling and upcycling and my latest project has been an upcycled sun hat for one of my sons. I have refashioned this hexagon sun hat from a pair of worn-out cargo trousers.

Hexagon hat - hexagon shaped crown
The sun hat has a hexagon shaped crown

The crown of the hat has six segments with a flat hexagon-shaped top. I put together some scraps of heavy linen to stiffen the brim before attaching it to the crown.

Hexagon hat - cutting bias strips for hat band
Cutting bias strips for the hat band

I made a bias strip to catch up all of the seam edges and act as a hat band and I’m now just ready to stitch that in place.

To finish off the outer edge of the brim, I’m going to make a thin cord from thread and weave it in and out of the running stitches that are holding the linen brim stiffening in place. Then the sun hat will be complete – a free hexagon sun hat made from upcycling old clothing and scraps.

Hexagon hat - almost finished
Hexagon hat – almost finished

Now all we need is some sunshine 😉

J Peggy Taylor