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Earth Day 2020: a healthy environment, a human right?

Early morning view of field and woods with dew on the sunlit grass
Early morning dew on Earth Day 2020

I hope you are feeling inspired by Earth Day. If we can all do just one thing today to show some love to our beleaguered planet, that will be a whole lot of love Earth will receive today 🙂

One simple thing I just did was to support the petition by the CEO of BirdLife International, Patricia Zurita, to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. She has written to the Secretary General of the UN António Guterres, urging the UN to include the right to a healthy natural environment in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes the fundamental human rights that must be protected globally. It is time to recognise that the right to a healthy natural environment is essential for the survival of humanity.”

CEO of BirdLife International, Patricia Zurita
A new human right: The right to a healthy natural environment

I know during this Covid-19 lockdown, I am far from being the only one who is feeling fortunate that I have a beautiful natural environment right on my doorstep. As the human species, we rely on the natural world so much, including for our own well-being and I think it is so important to recognise this. If we can make it a human right to have a healthy natural environment, this is another clear demonstration of its importance and it can be a line in the sand as we seek to protect and restore our natural environments, in our own localities but on a global scale.

If you too would like to support BirdLife International’s petition, you can find it here.

For a fun activity for Earth Day, do try your hand at today’s Google doodle, celebrating the importance of bees 🙂

Enjoy your Earth Day!