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I’m following the WordPress Daily Post’s Blogging 201 to try and improve my blog. Started today, Tuesday 15th April. Trying to set some goals …

1. Post three times a week … including establishing a weekly nature walk post.
2. Create an editorial calendar for next 3 months by end of April.
3. Continue to keep in touch with my current followers and find more followers during Spring/Summer 2014 🙂

#1 was my aim since starting my blog at the beginning of the year … I have occasionally succeeded 😉 MUST TRY HARDER!
#2 I have ‘meant’ to do several times but never seemed to find time! Then this week when I had a series of posts already planned it dawned on me, “What a good idea an editorial calendar would be!!!”
#3 is something I do enjoy – reading everyone’s blogs and exchanging comments … my aim will be to do this more 🙂

J Peggy Taylor