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Roads of coast and country, for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

We live on a hillside so all roads into our village go either up or downhill. In the header image above, the road drops down into the village from the north. The south side of our valley is just visible through the blue haze of Summer. We sometimes walk up the hill here to see the panoramic views of our valley and further afield. On a clear day you can truly see for miles from this road – north to the hills on the borders of Scotland (over 50 miles away) and south over our valley and the North Pennine moors.

The old Stoney Road, approaching the railway bridge
The old Stoney Road, approaching the railway bridge

The old Stoney Road was one of the ‘main’ roads into our village a hundred years ago, wending its way through the woods. This road crosses over one of the old railway bridges I showed you in last week’s post (look for the bridge covered in snow). You can see the parapets of the bridge in the distance of this picture. It is to preserve the old bridge that this road has been declassified and is no longer used as a road for vehicles. I think the Stoney Road has been resurfaced with new stones a few times, as parts of this road are subject to frequent erosion from rainwater run-off.

Stoney Road in September
The old Stoney Road as it winds its way through our woods

My final road for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week was taken with this challenge in mind, whilst we were out and about this week. We had been to visit an 18th century windmill, then our return coastal walk brought us to Souter Lighthouse which you can see in this picture. Souter Lighthouse was built in 1871 and was the first purpose-built lighthouse to be powered by electricity.

Road by Souter Lighthouse
The coast road from South Shields to Sunderland, near Souter Lighthouse

Roads are such a significant part of our landscape. Most of us rely on them every day to enable us to access the places we want to go. We had been to see some local history exhibitions before we went off on our coastal walk. From images we saw, this well-used coast road looked much more like the old Stoney Road in the past too. It is interesting how some roads develop into modern transport routes and others become superseded and are left behind in the past.

Do take a look at other entries for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week and see where everyone’s roads can take you 🙂

J Peggy Taylor