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Panera – Innovation for People Who Have No Money

I loved this post! What an amazing … and very heartening idea!


Panera – Innovation for People Who Have No Money

By Shlomo   Maital 


Writing in the Boston Globe, Alyssa Edes tells us about Panera, a French bakery/café that has a new business innovation – give your stuff away, for free, or nearly free. 

   For example, “when Jonathan Diotalevi walked in to “Panera Cares”, a new Panera branch near Boston’s Government Center, “a smiling employee greeted Diotalevi at the door;  he waited in line, ordered a tomato- mozzarella panini, and then asked the clerk, “So, can I, like, just give you two bucks?”   Yes, he could. And he did, dropping the money into a nearby donation bin.”

   What?  No prices? No 30 per cent profit margin?  How in the world can you run a business like this?   Fox Network will scream that this is a Commie plot to undermine capitalism. 

  Here is how this branch works. …

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Proud Not Primitive

Proud Not Primitive - Survival International supporting tribal peoples

I want to share this awareness-raising campaign with you. I support an organisation called Survival International. Their work involves campaigning with, and on behalf of, groups of indigenous peoples all over the world whose land, livelihoods and lives are under threat from so-called ‘development’.

Proud Not Primitive is a particularly focused campaign that seeks to highlight the misguided arrogance of the world’s powerful (both governments and big business) in their drive to ‘help’ and to ‘improve’ the lives of indigenous peoples.

This short satirical film, written by Oren Ginzburg and narrated by UK comedian, David Mitchell, tells the story of this destruction of the lives of tribal peoples in the name of ‘development’.


For me this film really makes you think, what do we really mean by ‘development’?

J Peggy Taylor