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A Feast of Festive Yarns

As a yarn crafter myself I find I notice yarn crafting either in its regular forms or in more unusual guises when I am out and about. The recent festive period has brought me something of a flurry of yarn-craft-spotting opportunities.

On a cold day in early December I found inspiration for a new hat design as I casually observed well-wrapped Christmas shoppers on a shopping centre escalator in Newcastle. A wool hat in a warming shade of mustard would be just the thing for a winter’s day. A hastily scribbled sketch was duly added to my shopping list.

mustard hat sketch
Capture that hat!

While hurrying our youngest son to his lunchtime optician’s appointment a week before Christmas, I spotted a young woman knitting as she sat alone in a crowded cafe. I couldn’t help wondering if she were frantically finishing a hand-crafted gift. Whatever her creation was, it was a beautiful shade of jade green.

My third seasonal yarn craft observation was a curious one, in my local village supermarket. For a few days leading up to Christmas the staff swopped their normal uniform garb for some rather garish festive jumpers. I was served by a Christmas elf, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and a Christmas pudding!

Festive Friends box 2013
Festive Friends 2013

As Twelfth Night approached and the end of the festive season, like many other families we were taking down our Christmas decorations and tidying up. I was clearing out the clutter and I spotted another festive yarn – on this year’s Cadbury’s Festive Friends carton. These small chocolate biscuits are a firm family favourite in our house and this year the box had been designed as a knitted cover complete with snowman, Santa and reindeer. I found it quite interesting to see a yarn craft being chosen as a marketing tool by big business – an association of ideas with winter warmth and homeliness.

J Peggy Taylor